Zachary Binger



Zach is a second year PhD student at The University of Arizona. Originally from Socorro, New Mexico which is notable for hosting the test site of the first atomic bomb detonation as well as the cultivation of some of the world’s finest green chilés. He started his higher education at the University of New Mexico (UNM) focusing on Nuclear Engineering and playing football. After the first year he decided to focus all his efforts on Chemical Engineering. While completing his undergraduate degree he interned at STC.UNM where he learned about technology transfer and was exposed to many different fields of science and engineering.  He then moved on to Sandia National Laboratories to work in power systems development. After completing his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of New Mexico with a concentration in Environmental Engineering he decided to pursue his PhD at The University of Arizona due to it’s unique combination of Chemical and Environmental Engineering and the department’s focus on water and the environment. Current research focuses on modeling osmotic processes for desalination and advanced water treatment. When not working in the lab, he likes to spend time in the gym or at coffee shops reading about sports, politics, and history.


National Science Foundation Bridge to Doctorate Fellowship (2018-2020)


Wei, Xin, Zachary M. Binger, Andrea Achilli, Kelly T. Sanders, and Amy E. Childress. "A modeling framework to evaluate blending of seawater and treated wastewater streams for synergistic desalination and potable reuse.Water research 170 (2020): 115282.